The Answer Was You

I woke up somewhere in the middle
I turned to my left, oh man, now all I could see
Was a question posed as a riddle
I thought to myself “it’s a reflection of me”
But it’s you
Oh yeah you all along

If losing this game still won me the bronze
I’ll sell both our tickets, we’ll sit on the lawns
And hey, be cool for the interview
I don’t recall the question, but clearly the answer was you
Oh yeah you all along
Oh yeah you, oh yeah you all along

No need to be concerned, but I’ve been burned too
Her case was so hard to believe
It was overturned, then I learned who
Was keeping her card up her sleeve
(Look into the mirror rather fondly)
She’s making it so hard to leave
(Look into the mirror, look into the mirror)

Cheat your reflection then
Ooh, repeat the question once again

(Oh yeah you all along)

I couldn’t read the writing
No, I couldn’t read it at all
No, I couldn’t read your writing, baby
But now I seem to recall

The answer was you
Oh yeah, you all along
The answer was you
Oh yeah, you all along