Love Is All Around

As time moves faster, there’s no moving
The boys and girls played hand in hand
And if we blink they’d think we were fooling
But they’ve got another thing coming
It’s time you tried to understand

But you never met a man like me before
I walked right onto your open floor where
Love is all around
And I can feel it

And I never met a woman like you before
You melted me down to build me up
When love is all around
I think I feel it

I feel like I’m losing my basis of hoping
And I hope that I’m not losing my sense of feeling
If there’s a way we can spread it around
I think we have to do it now
If there’s a way we can spread it around
We kind of have to do it now

I never want to meet another like you again
You picked me up and you took me in
I was the only game in town, I think you knew it
And if we tone things up like they were before
The path gets wider as we get older
And love it all around
I can feel it
I think I can feel it

The kids are playing on their own
When things slow down we can all start moving
To places way on down the road
By bringing much more of it home