All I Am Is All You’re Not

What I might lack in pizzazz
I make up in charm
Just as expensive
But I can’t be bought
I’m all you’re not

We opened up the lines to first time callers
When we should have been holding the lines
I want to shout it out to long time listeners
To private conversations of mine

Preoccupied as of today
But before long
Kidding aside, if they get their way
We’ll sing their song

All I am
Is all you’re not
All I want
Is all you got

If you’re gonna use the standard by which I measure
Remember that you’ll have to convert
So it runs long
And feels all wrong so
You’ll have to leave room to desert

All I am
Is all you’re not
All you want
Is all I got

I’m all you’re not
I’m all you’re not

[All I am]
All I am is all you’re not
[All you’re not]
[All I want]
All I want is all you got
[All you got]
All I am, maybe I’ll never know
All I am
Is all you’re not