We are pleased to announce that the third installment of our Sloan Bootleg Vinyl series, Tokyo Japan 2002, will be released this Wednesday November 20th at 12 noon via our Sloan webstore. Recorded live from the audience at Club Quattro in Tokyo, this limited LP is pressed on to Japanese flag – style vinyl and is a hand numbered edition of 500 only. We won’t be making any more of these! Read below what our man Jay has to offer on the subject.

Sloan Bootleg #3 Pack Shot

“How about you, British man, is rock and roll dead again?” A broken-handed Chris posed this question to an English gentleman at our January 16th 2002 concert in Tokyo, Japan. To find out the correct answer, you’ll have to check out the 3rd installment of our Bootleg Vinyl series, an homage the great underground / illegal live LPs from the 1970’s and 1980’s. Captured during our 3rd adventure in Japan, this recording was taped live from the audience at Club Quattro in the heart of the Blade Runner-ish Shinjuku area of Tokyo. At the time, we were touring in support of our 6th album, Pretty Together. It’s an LP that, at the time, was thought to be a bit slick sounding, perhaps in relation to records like One Chord To Another or Navy Blues. If that’s a concern, then I would dare say this loud recording from the floor strips a bit of the polish off compared to the studio counterparts.

If that’s not enough, where else are you going to hear Patrick play the drums (on rarely aired Japanese-only track “Had Enough”)? Or a Chris / Andrew duo playing a Wurlitzer led version of “Life Of A Working Girl”? How about ye olde “Dreaming Of You”? (Have I even played it since?). I’d also argue that Andrew’s drumming on the controversial “Pick It Up And Dial It” is worth the price alone. In keeping with the bootleg spirit, it’s an audience recording with a bit of a rough quality….but I trust it won’t distract from enjoying the rocking proceedings.

Once again, this limited edition, hand-numbered LP comes packaged in a 70’s style heavy-stock white jacket with a risographed wrap around outer sleeve. The insert this time is a recreation of a charming Japanese fan letter and the concert is pressed onto Japanese-flag-white vinyl with a red label just in case you forget where this whole thing was laid down over 10 years ago!

Also, the record comes with a high quality digital download (mp3 or FLAC) of the whole LP, as well as 4 bonus tracks from the show (“Deeper Than Beauty”, “The Lines You Amend”, “People Of The Sky” and “Money City Maniacs”) that we just couldn’t jam onto the vinyl. Hope you all dig it as much as I dug the green tea soft serve ice cream.

Arigato ne!